How To Earn Money From Google Pay (Google UPI Payment App) Upto 1,00000

Earn Money From Google Pay
Google Pay Earn Money | Earn Upto 1,00000 Rupees from Google pay

Earn Money From Google Pay Upto 1,00000

Do you want to earn money from Google Pay? Then You are in a right place. In this Post, I will share my secret method to earn money from Google pay. There are no any hacking or tricks, I will share my genuine and legal method. Which help you to earn.

Before Starting I want to share my Referral Code:

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Here is the screenshot of my Google Pay Earning proof.



So without wasting time let’s jump into the content. Friend, basically there is 3 way to earn money, Those are Below:

A.  Earn Opening Bonus 51 Rupee.
B.  Earn by Sharing Referral Link.
C.  Earn from Scratchcard.



Earn Google Pay Opening Bonus 51 Rupee:

Step 1:

If you want to earn an Opening bonus 51 rupees then Download Google Pay app via my Referral Link below.

Click Here to Download.


My Referral Link:

You will get the reward of 51 rupees after making your 1st transaction.




Step 2:

Install the app on your mobile device and after successful installation
Create your account by entering Mobile number, your name, and some basic details.


NOTE: Must Use registered Mobile Number which is linked with your bank. And make sure your registered mobile number is inside your phone.


Step 3:

Now Link your Bank Account by clicking left top corner on your app. And set your UPI transaction PIN. Here you have to verify your account for that you have to enter your last 6 digits of your debit card and expiry date. Great job!


Step 4:

Finally, send minimum 1 rupees to any Google Pay user or me.
That’s all, you will get your opening bonus 51 Rupees in your Linked bank account.


If you need More Help To Create a new account in Google pay or to link your account then watch below video. And flow the same process. Actually, this is the process to create a new account in Google Tez. Now Tez becomes Google pay. So don’t worry just flow the same step.



Earn by Sharing Referral Link:

Share your Link with your friend or family via whats app, Facebook, text message or vis anything. If your friend installs the app using your referral link and makes the 1st transaction (Minimum 51 rupees) then you and your friend both will get 51 rupees, referral and opening bonus from Google.



Generate Google Pay Referral Link:

Do you want to generate you referral Link then flow me. Open your app and scroll down till bottom, at the end, you will get invite options; click on it and share your link vis whats app, Facebook, SMS.



Earn Through Google Pay Scratch Card:

In this app, you will get lots off offers. If you pay or get pay money then will get a Scratch Card. There are many types of Scratch Card I will discuss below. From this Scratch Card, you can earn upto 1,00000 Indian rupees.



  1. Scratch Card one: PAY OR GET PAID 150 OR MORE

    Google Pay scratch Card

If you pay or get pay minimum 150 rupees then you will get a Scratch Card. From this card, you can earn upto 1,000 rupees. So easy !! You can get maximum 5 Scratch Card per week.


       2. Scratch Card Two: PAY 500 or MORE:


G pay PAY 500 or MORE


If you send minimum 500 Indian rupees then you will get this lucky Scratch Card. From this card, you can earn upto 1,00000 INR. You can get this coupon only one per week.


       3. Scratch Card Three: Special Offer:


Google pay Special Offer


Just do minimum five transactions of any amount. You will get a special Scratch Card from this you can earn minimum 5 rupees to the maximum of 1 lakh INR.



        4. Scratch Card Four: Pay Monthly Bill:


Pay Monthly Bill


Pay electricity bill, water bill, DTH bill, mobile postpaid bill or any other bill of minimum 100 rupees. Then you will get a lucky scratch card from this you can win upto 1,000 rupees per month.


       5. Scratch Card Five: Pay Electricity Bill:


Pay Electricity Bill

Pay Electricity Bill using this UPI app and you will get 50 rupees scratch card per month.



So if you have any question then please comments below, I will reply you as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy this post, so don’t forget to subscribe to our blog. Finally, thank you! have a nice day.


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