Free #Cloud_Mining

Free #Cloud_Mining

Hi guys,

      Today I am introducing a most trusted high profitable free cloud mining site, known as “EOBOT”. This site is online since 2013, still working. Here you can mine 23 difference type of coin and also ghs (power). Most well known coin is #Bitcoin (BTC), #Dogeecoin (DOGE), #Litecoin (LTC), #Dashcoin (BCH) etc. This site is giving you faucet (some amount of power or any coin free) per day. It is a cloud mining site so no need to high configuration computer or laptop or a high mining setup. If you have a simple device like a mobile (smartphone) or a basic laptop or a computer that’s enough to start. You can start your mining life is totally free or you can invest money to get more profit in a short time. Here you get 10 years and 24-hour rental and also 24-hour script option for mine.

      Signup details: put the full name

                                Put a valid email id

                                Set a password done.

Tips: If you are a normal user then you can create only one account because the site is tracking your IP address. But you are an advanced user then you can create an unlimited number of account (just use VPN).

Site link/signup link:

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